Here are some of our more frequently-asked questions. If you'd like to know something we haven't covered, please feel free to get in touch!

  • Rewards
  • expand_moreI missed the Kickstarter, can I get tickets?

    Sorry, we're now completely sold out of tickets for the event.

  • expand_moreCan I refund/change my rewards?

    We do not offer refunds for any rewards you have pledged for on Kickstarter, as our budgeting decisions are directly related to our Kickstarter funding.

    On request, we can transfer some or all of your tickets to a person of your choice. This person does not need to already have an account with us, as long as you have an email address that we can contact them at.

  • expand_moreWhen will I be able to print my ticket?

    Right now! See the Your Ticket page while logged in.

  • expand_moreHow do I get my t-shirts/coin at the event?

    We'll have a stand dedicated to Kickstarter rewards inside the venue, open throughout the day. Have your ticket handy, as they'll use it to check which rewards you should receive.

    The stand is likely to be busy early in the day, so if the queue is a bit too long you can come back after it's died down.

    In Your Settings, you can choose which t-shirt sizes you want. Your choices are non-binding (you can pick any sizes on the day), but please make your choices here as they'll help us bring enough of each size to go around. Each size for shirts collected at the venue is first-come-first-served.

  • expand_moreHow do I get my t-shirts delivered to me?

    If you're in the Sonic Chaos Kickstarter tier, please select your chosen size(s) and your delivery address on the Your Settings page. We will use this information to send your shirts in the weeks after the event.

    If you're in another tier, you should collect your shirts at the event.

  • Getting into Summer of Sonic
  • expand_moreWhen does SoS start/end?

    Doors open at 10am, and if you're in the initial queue you should be inside the venue in plenty of time for the first stage event.

    We expect the event to end at around 7pm, with the conclusion of the final stage event.

  • expand_moreHow do I get in?

    Make sure you have your ticket available - it covers entry for everyone in your group, up to the number of invitations you have. You can store it on your phone, but we recommend you keep a printed copy as a backup.

    Our door staff will be at the main entrance of the venue to check your ticket. From 10am to 11am there will be two queues - one is for people with VIP tickets, and if you have a standard ticket you'll be directed to the back of the standard queue! Later in the day there will be only a short queue, or none at all.

    When checking your ticket, our staff will scan the barcode to check your invitations on our database, then upon entry you'll receive an SoS goody bag for each invitation you have. Please note that your Kickstarter rewards (t-shirts and coins) should be collected at a separate stand further inside the venue.

  • expand_moreI want to leave for a bit. Can I come back in later?

    Sure! Inside your goody bag, you'll find an SoS-branded wristband - this is your authentication for re-entry. Just make sure you show it to the door staff when you come back, and they'll let you through.

  • Facilities
  • expand_moreIs there parking at the venue?

    The Ibis hotel adjoining the venue has a 140-bay basement car park.

    At the hotel reception you can request a discounted rate for visitors to the event. For example, 12 hours (covering the event) for £14, 24 hours for £17.

    Visitors who are staying at the hotel can also request the discounted rate without having to mention SoS.

    However, due to the venue's location within Central London, we recommend that you take public transport where possible.

  • expand_moreIs there a cloakroom at the venue?

    The venue will be providing a manned cloakroom service, in which items can be safely deposited for £1 per item.

    An additional room will be provided for cosplayers who need to change clothes.

  • expand_moreWill there be food and drink at the venue?

    Within the foyer adjoining the hall there will be a small tuckshop offering sandwiches, snacks and drinks. We will also have chairs and tables within the foyer for your use.

    The Ibis hotel next to the venue has a restaurant, La Table (French for "The Table"), and a bar, The George and Dragon, for those who do not wish to venture far from the venue. La Table will be open from 5:30am to midday serving an English buffet breakfast and from 6:30pm to 10:30pm serving dinner. The George and Dragon will be open all day from 11am.

    No food or drink with the exception of bottled water will be permitted into the main hall. In addition, no contraband or alcohol will be permitted in the venue, and venue security reserves the right to expel anyone discovered to be in possession of them.

  • expand_moreWill there be a seating area away from the main halls?

    We will be providing limited seating in the venue foyer for those who wish to be away from the main hall. The George and Dragon pub also has seating, but please bear in mind that this is for patrons who wish to purchase food and refreshments.

  • expand_moreWhere can I get food and drink near the venue?

    There are several pubs within close proximity of the venue on Lillie Road and North End Road that serve food, as well as a number of convenience stores in case you would prefer a quick snack or refreshment.

  • expand_moreWhere are the nearest cash machines?

    We advise that you bring cash with you to the venue in case you wish to purchase items from the vendors at Summer of Sonic. If you find you require a cash point, a Lloyds bank and Santander branch can be found on North End Road, about 300 meters away from the venue. Both banks have an ATM on the street.

  • Activities
  • expand_moreCan I take photos or record video?

    Yes, you're welcome to record your experience! Please respect other people if they don't want to be filmed, however.

    In previous years, gameplay recording of unreleased games has not been allowed. We expect this to be this case this year also.

  • Signing sessions
  • expand_moreHow many items can I get signed?

    For each signing panel, 1 item is permitted to be signed at a time.

    For instance, if a signing panel has 3 guests, each guest can sign 1 item. How you chose to divide that is up to you. e.g. 1 item for the three guests, 3 different items for each guest etc.

  • expand_moreHow much do autographs cost?

    There's no charge for autographs from our special guests. However, our signing sessions are very popular, so be sure to queue up early!

  • expand_moreCan I get a photograph with <insert guest name here>?

    For high demand meet and greets, we will not be allowing photographs to be taken. This is to ensure everyone gets a chance to meet someone. If photos are not permitted, this will either be clearly signed or staff will inform guests waiting in line that photos are not to be taken. We want everyone to get the chance to meet their hero and photographs take up a lot of extra time which may cost someone that chance.

  • Other questions
  • expand_morePress Passes

    Summer of Sonic is a ticketed event, and entry will not be permitted without a valid pass.

    Members of the press should email us at from their organisational email account to request a digitally distributed press pass and/or discuss requirements.

  • expand_moreIs anything else Sonic-related happening that weekend?

    Absolutely! While SoS is the main event, with hundreds of Sonic fans descending on London there are likely to be unofficial meetups and hangouts on Friday, Saturday night, and Sunday. Keep an eye on what people are saying on the SoS Facebook group.

  • expand_moreCan you do a Summer of Sonic in <insert location here>?

    Summer of Sonic is a fan-organised event, and the location is dictated by ease of travel for the majority of our staff and visitors. We don't have the resources (or inclination!) to run more than one event under the Summer of Sonic name.

    There are a number of other Sonic-related events around the world - maybe one near you!

    Weston Super Sonic: Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, UK
    Sonic Revolution: Los Angeles, California, USA
    Sonic &amp; SEGA Fan Jam: Savennah, Georgia, USA
    SuperSonicCon: Moscow, Russia
    Sonic 25th Anniversary Party: San Diego, California, USA
    Sonic 25th Anniversary Party: Tokyo, Japan